Thursday, October 4, 2007

Scott Kelby=A whole new life

Hello All
I honestly am not sure how to explain my day. Can I first off just say that I skipped school to go to a Photoshop Seminar! IT WAS AMAZING!! I went with my cousin Keri from Sweet Whispers Photography,we both walked out of there completely amazed-
- Thanks again Keri for taking me!! The amount that you could possible learn from him in one was unbelievable. There really isn't much else to say about that, although I could go on and on about what we learned but no one really wants to read about that so heres the deal.... you can see what I learned by checking here lol .From now I will be using just about every single technique I learned. Hope to show you some stuff soon!


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mphotdol said...

This possibly my 10th seminar that I have attended from NAPP. I was at the very first Boston presentation when Scott made his first presentation here. It was contagious. I've only missed a few thanks to life's moments here and there. I'm a seasoned PRO who loves to learn more. CS3 has enough modifications, additions and changes to warrant a complete new look and open mind.
I think that Scott delivers his presentations with honesty and humor. The day flies by as he explains and visualizes his work flow and various tools in a way that makes perfect sense for the visual person. I find the lessons and extra information very valuable for my work flow and my business. It's a day worth the investment of my time.
The only suggestion is that since there were over 1000 people in attendance in the giant room, perhaps they can establish a second row of projection screens midway to the back so those of us silly enough to have forgotten binoculars, could see the screens while the action was being demonstrated. The workbooks are excellent take-away's and I've come to depend on them from my newbie period.
Keep up the good work.