Thursday, April 17, 2008

::Black and White Party::

Hey everyone!
I am trying my best to stay updated on here but life is crazy at the moment and I am doing the best I can. Believe it or not I am still able to have some time to take a few shots here and there and luckily because I serve on my school's student council, I was able to get a chance to take shots for a school dance. The theme was black and white and the idea was to take b&w pictures, I have many shots that students wanted me to take of them and there friends but heres a little preview, I hope you like them. I want to thank everyone who attended the dance because all student council events are organized to be fundraisers for senior scholarships at the end of the year along with many other events we fund. I will try to keep you all posted as much as possible and thanks for checking in :) 

Friday, April 4, 2008


Hey everyone,
Hope you haven't all forgotten me due to the lack of posts on here but for my loyal bloggers I am still alive just an obvious lack of posts lately. Last weekend was Junior Prom '08 at my school and aside from spending a longggg time setting up in the morning it was a great time, and even that wasn't too bad :) We all took a limo from one of my friends house, it was a really great time. Everything was amazing as expected, food, dance, decorations, but more importantly the people and the memories we had and will always remember. Below is a few pictures that were taken with my camera, I will admit I cant take the credit for them because they were actually taken by my dates sister but nevertheless they are pictures and they are here! Enjoy

Devon, Mike, Mike, Me and my date Cassie :)