Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Be My Guest...

Hey everyone!

I am glad to see your still checking in despite the serious lack of posts lately but when you look below I think you will know why. 
           Beauty and the Beast at North Andover High School is officially over and done with. I haven't decided yet whether or not I am more sad or glad about this, it is for sure a big relief but the memories will never be forgotten. We had a truly amazing and talented cast, a devoted pit, a crew who spent more time at the auditorium than at their house and probably the most amazing production staff I will ever work with in my life. I want to send thanks out to our vocal director Chris Lafond, a volunteer graduate of the high school who we couldn't have lived without, Tim Driscoll another volunteer graduate of NAHS who provided sound for the show, our amazing conductor Rob and his partner Ann, our costume team lead by Karen Kramer and last but not least our dedicated, caring Director: Melissa Downey who provided the vision and dream for this breathtaking production. A very special and separate thanks goes out to our Assistant Director Jennifer Gillespie for her constant hard work and dedication while pregnant throughout the rehearsal schedule. Whether or not you look at it as a good or bad thing, Jen was always willing to keep everyone on track, and keep the cast well behaved and disciplined :) I took a few pictures throughout tech week but for the most part pictures were taken using my camera by Tim, Chris and Ms. Downey. I have no idea who took what pictures but here's a few to check out and I thank everyone who came to see the show and if you didn't: heres a little glimpse of what you missed :) 


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